For me, I Choose Honor and Virtue…Regardless


One of my favorite characters in the Bible is Uriah the Hittite (read the story at 2 Samuel, chapter 11).  It is a great story of honor, integrity, virtue and respect.  We see King David (a very important character in the Bible, complete with many faults which will in turn strengthen him later once he wakes up, but that is for another story) bored with his life and turned-on by seeing a beautiful woman bathing.  He disposes of his honor and virtue, which is now in the way of his lust.  Uriah was off commanding David’s army and fighting his King’s enemies; risking his life honorably and being a good faithful soldier to King David.  Having something to do with the upcoming events by bathing in view of the palace, Uriah’s wife Bathsheba, gets way too close to David.  King David, who should know better and thus be responsible for his own actions, gets Bathsheba pregnant.  That is bad enough, but to make things worse, David tries to cover up his sin by dumping it all on his faithful commander, Uriah.


As I mentioned, Uriah is a favorite Biblical character and here is why:  Faithful Uriah returns home at David’s summons [a scheme unknown to Uriah] so that Bathsheba’s pregnancy could be covered up by Uriah getting with his wife after being away at battle for a long while.  Honorable Uriah, being faithful to his men and showing respect, thought that if his men were still on the front lines, away from their wives then he too would stay away from his wife…thus honor, integrity, virtue and respect are revealed again.


David’s plan fails and so a backup plan goes into effect; namely, to get Uriah killed in battle.  The ugly clandestine scheme by King David involved issuing the order for Uriah’s men to withdraw from their field commander Uriah when the battle is at it’s most intense point so that Uriah will be overrun by the enemy.  Unknown to Uriah, who has enough integrity to not peak at the secret orders, he carries his own destruction orders back to the men who will follow the King’s continued sin by carrying out the ungodly commands with precision.


So you say, what’s the point?  The point is plain and simple, we need people with honor, integrity, virtue, and exhibiting respect that will hold on to this strong structure no matter what.  Without these people being the majority of our population, our country will die.


Surely you can already see “the fall” happening all around you; if not, open up your eyes!  It is clear that the USA has been on this slippery death slope for some time.  We see it in the selfishness of the 1960’s leading to the “me” generation.  We saw the lack of honor, integrity, virtue and respect from the Clinton presidency where young people learned the false premise that oral sex wasn’t sex at all; I propose to you a direct relationship to those elementary school students having oral sex on the school bus at the cheers of their equally corrupted peers.  We see the fall in the coarseness of our culture, the rot-gut stuff on MTV, the F-bomb speech in civil & cultural circles, the ugly & gross lyrics of rap music, and the lack of virtue between the sexes.  For men, there is no chivalrous behavior anymore toward women, and women masochistically shun any show of respect by men.  Young girls, dressed to show off every body part, enjoy being treated as meat; and likewise, young boys who wouldn’t like their sister being treated in similar fashion, have become ugly licentious creeps devoid of any virtue or honor.  There seems to be no private virtue in our people anymore, and this is ultimately tied to our very liberty.


John Adams wrote on April 16, 1776:

"Public virtue cannot exist in a nation without private, and public virtue is the only foundation of republics. There must be a positive passion for the public good, the public interest, honour, power and glory, established in the minds of the people, or there can be no republican government, nor any real liberty: and this public passion must be superiour to all private passions."

There is no public virtue anymore because, as John Adams said, there is no private virtue.  We don’t show respect anymore to our leaders, mainly because they have not earned that right.  We have leaders in government, entertainment and Hollywood who have benefited by being in the USA, going over to foreign lands and dishonorably “bad-mouthing” their own country; please, if you hate the country, just leave it.  We have democrat leaders, lacking any integrity, calling our country’s standing president, Hitler (for crying out loud, what hate is that!); you don’t have to like the President, but at least have a little respect for the office!  Regardless of party, the vast majorities of our leaders are not showing any private honor, integrity, virtue or respect…thus no public virtue, why should we listen to them?  Regardless of political affiliation, can’t you see that all this muck and mire is killing our country and so our futures?

Our country is running as hard as it can to remove God and His Ten Commandments, while replacing it all with false religions.  When you remove “the rules” for proper living and how to treat one another, then anything goes.  In this world, there is now no absolute right or wrong, only what one individual claims over another… thus NO honor, integrity, virtue or respectful structure is evident anymore.  Without the proper “glue” to hold us together, can we exist much longer?  What will be our future under this loose anarchy?

Uriah the Hittite maintained his honor, integrity, virtue and respect; though evil took advantage of his manner and killed him, we have his story is in the Bible for all time!  Evil killed Jesus as well; He said that the world would hate us for what we believe.  These are our lessons, Uriah is our example on how to live our own lives.  There is time to change our downward slide into the abyss…for me; regardless of the world’s hate, I choose honor, integrity, virtue and respect over a slow sinful death.

Haven Mankin

author of the “The Muskrat’s Tail”